Modern Kitchen Remodel Before And After Transformation

  1. What an incredible transformation, Bethany!! Just WOW!!

  2. This transformation is amazing! I love how bright and beautiful you’ve made the space!

  3. It is amazing the transformation! So many people would pass up on a house/kitchen like that (before), now they would snatch it up immediately. Excellent design choices B!

  4. Bethany, I’m so in love with your kitchen transformation! Looks awesome!

  5. Devorah says:

    Its beautiful. In what way were you bedget conscious?

    • bcadmin says:

      Hi! Thank you so much. Our budget for all that we wanted to achieve was tight. Some areas that I was able to save was in hardware, finding the least expensive options for cabinetry that would work in our kitchen. Custom cabinets would have been double in price so we decided to do out of the box cabinets. I price shopped my quartz slabs, negotiated and waited for sales on the appliances, and also waited for sales on the backsplash. Surprisingly through all of that I was able to save us thousands.

  6. Tracey / Porch Daydreamer says:

    You kitchen design is perfection! I love what you did with the tile and the window covering over the sink. It makes such a statement with the gold faucet! Pinned and pinned again 🙂

  7. Sandy says:

    I’m currently remodeling our kitchen and am making many of the choices you made – white subway tile, marble, a Sub Zero refrigerator and satin brass fixtures and hardware. I am on the fence about a cabinet front for the refrigerator or leaving it showing as stainless. Can you tell me why you chose stainless over cabinet front?

    • bcadmin says:

      Hi Sandy! So my fridge and freezer is Frigidaire Professional. We have been so happy with it! It did not have the option to have a cabinet front and our budget did not allow for the subzero. The frigidaire professional is a fraction of the cost, I would highly recommend checking it out. I know there is nothing like a subzero but our budget just didn’t allow for it.

  8. Brenda Allen says:

    Are your kitchen cabinets stock cabinets? If so, were they already painted or natural? Lastly, what is the height of the upper cabinets?

    • bcadmin says:

      Hi Brenda! My cabinets are 42″ uppers with 18″ glass cabinets on top. They were in stock cabinets that were already painted white. Let me know if you have any other questions :).

  9. Megan able says:

    What color white did you go with for cabinets?

  10. Bobbie says:

    Beautiful kitchen!
    Curious, what is the second, small faucet for?
    We are remodeling our kitchen right now and want to know if I need a second faucet. ????

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